What Do Aliens Want to Tell Us?

276.02In the News (Reuters): “The two officials…appeared before a House of Representatives intelligence subcommittee for the first public U.S. congressional hearing on the subject in a half century. It came 11 months after a government report documented more than 140 cases of unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs, that U.S. military pilots had observed since 2004. …

“Bray, deputy director of naval intelligence, said the number of UAPs officially cataloged by a newly formed Pentagon task force has grown to 400 cases. Both officials chose their words carefully in describing the task force’s work, including the question of possible extraterrestrial origins, which Bray said defense and intelligence analysts had not ruled out.

“Bray did say that ‘we have no material, we have detected no emanations, within the UAP task force that would suggest it is anything non-terrestrial in origin.'”

Question: What do you think about the seriousness of this issue?

Answer: They say what they decide they can say. There are still a lot of things that are not said, are not finished, and are classified. It is a fact that such kinds of things do exist relative to us. But the thing is, we still do not know anything about it.

Question: Who is flying?

Answer: It is not known who and how. They just fly.

Question: Can you assume that these are some aliens flying?

Answer: What is the point if I guess? I do not have any knowledge about them.

Comment: So, at least they do exist.

My Response: There is everything in nature, above us and below us, everything in general. So what?

Comment: Entire huge departments are engaged in these developments, tracking unidentified objects and so on.

My Response: They have money, let them work.

Question: Some say that aliens want to tell us something.

Answer: I do not think there is any desire to tell us anything because we have never been told anything. Otherwise, this would have been reported to us long ago. They observe us a little. I think they are much more developed than us, and they have really nothing to do with us.

Question: Is it because we are not developed at all?

Answer: Of course.

Question: So, are we like guinea pigs for them?

Answer: They guard us in some way.

Question: Do they study us?

Answer: I do not think we are worth studying.

Question: Then tell me please what should be said to humanity? Humanity is always waiting for something to be said to it.

Answer: There is nothing to say! What can you say to humanity? You come to a forest, to inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and see all these types of nature there. What do you want to tell them?

We are at the animal level. Moreover, we are at the negative animate level. What can they possibly tell us?

Question: There is nothing to convey to this humanity, nothing to say to us?

Answer: They have nothing to tell us because we are not at the level where we can correctly perceive what they convey to us.

Question: In other words, if we were at a level that is closer to correct perception, would they have transmitted their message to us?

Answer: Of course.

Question: What would they transmit then?

Answer: How can we rise even higher? Not in technology, not in machinery because that is no longer a problem for us. Rather, by uniting with each other we would begin to feel the forces of nature hidden from us and use them correctly.

We could fly in any direction, at any speed. For what? To engage in an even greater unification of nature.

Question: In other words, can we say that everything, even what we have created, all these technical means: the Internet, airplanes, traffic, is precisely for us to…?

Answer: Only to make sure that this is not what we really need. So that we would throw all these toys away and take care of our internal states.

Question: What is the ideal inner state we should arrive at?

Answer: Communication without words.

Question: Is this when we sit, stay silent, and connected?

Answer: Yes, that is how we communicate. A song without words. There is such a connection, without words. This allows everyone to communicate on the same frequency, on the same level, where we all understand each other.

It is not difficult for us at the level of our thoughts, they freely hover and interconnect. We comprehend the general plan of nature, what we have come to, to merge and to mutually complement each other in everything. And then we begin to comprehend perfection. It happens because we are completely different, but we want to feel our unanimity in our union. That is it.

We implicitly strive for it, although, of course, selfishly, and wrongly. But nature leads us to this state in such a way that we realize the depravity of our original state and its realization, and as a result, come to the correct balance with each other.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/16/22

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