Spiritual Humanity: Head and Body

231.04In the future, the major mass of humanity will advance in spiritual development with a sharp leap because it has nothing to correct. It does not correct itself, and therefore it will feel it, as it is said, at once.

The masses do not have to go through what people with a point in the heart go through. They do not have a higher awareness.

They do not build in themselves a so-called computing, conscious, attaining upper part, meaning a sensory system of identification and decision making. There is no reciprocity in them, there is only a desire. But it is an immense desire. When it begins to connect with the head part, it gives it enormous forces, enormous new possibilities.

This system, called AHP (body), and existing in the masses with the exception of a few million, which is the head part, moves the whole of humanity; it is actually very wise, sensitive, and understanding. But exactly itself, its direction is absent in this so-called body.

All the direction, all the development, all the work with the upper space and movement, should give it just a few million with a point in the heart. They have only one distinction: they are very weak in strong desires, in strong mind, in processing information above their desires, but they are strong in developing sensitivity to direction. That is, this is the part that works only on the perception of the direction.

Like in a torpedo that has a spinning top guiding it on a given course, with a program control, with a sense of the correct trajectory of the path, that corrects itself all the time, takes into account feedback errors, and so on, this guiding system, which represents just a small sensory part, refers only to a few million, and everything else to billions.

Such a gyroscopic system with reciprocity, aim, direction, definition, feeling, this is the head.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Who Is the Superman?” 9/15/12

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