Bound by Mutual Connection

264.01Comment: Today the world has taken on a global dimension, where people feel that they are somehow interconnected.

Kabbalah is called upon to completely change values and priorities and arrange them in such a way that human relations are built on the principle of “love your neighbor as yourself,” mutual support, and so on.

My Response: We have nowhere to get away from it! We will come to this decision anyway. Kabbalah simply gives us the opportunity to do this.

When the so-called G8s, G20s, and not only political or economic forums, but any other public organizations gather, they talk about the need for collaboration.

Today, everyone understands that collaboration is needed, otherwise the world will explode or spread apart.

Question: If everyone understands this, then what does Kabbalah offer that is new?

Answer: Kabbalah is not offering anything. It says: “Friends, you correctly understood that the world is one and we are at the mercy of some common world force that acts centripetally on us, always bringing us closer toward mutual interdependence. From year to year we become more dependent on one another, and more than likely, we can’t even break this connection.”

That fact wouldn’t change if some state wants to separate, withdraw from the world community, or try to provide itself with some kind of subsistence economy and thus isolate itself from others. It won’t help.

Today, all states, all people on Earth are connected from within by nature itself with some invisible ties so that they are not able to isolate themselves in any way. Scientists, political scientists, and sociologists talk about this, and everyone understands this very well.

The only thing that no one has is the strength or knows how to come to this unification, or where to get the power that is opposite to our egoism that is trying to separate us, tear us apart, and directs us to suppress each other.

How can we make sure that instead of this centrifugal force, we would reveal the centripetal force?

Comment: But people don’t feel this connection.

My Response: We are not talking about an ordinary person. We are talking about people who are managing the state, society, and technological development. They understand what the world is coming to, that today no country can separate from each other because we are small parts of nature.

Nature has brought us to a state in which we are interconnected. And we cannot break this mutual connection.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Europe Today” 1/26/11

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