Use The Method Of Correction

283.02Question: You say that selfishness needs blows in order for a person to give up his addictions. But what does it mean that the system is proactive and always shows what will happen if we do not use the method of correction?

Answer: We have two options. Or we go driven by nature and we will continue to be pushed by it, but with huge hard blows at all levels. We see that this is already happening quite systematically as the global crises unfold.

The global connection between us is the most terrible thing that can be because our higher state is beginning to unfold, but in a negative form on the earthly level. At the highest level, we are all completely interconnected. When this manifests itself in the material world, where we are connected in a bad way, in bad relationships with each other, then this leads us to mutual destruction.

Therefore, we need to quickly reveal the technique of proper integration so that people see this next level. If you see what happiness is, you will have the strength to change yourself.

I see from our Kabbalistic practice how this works, and I hope that this will come to the people.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Summing Up” 4/7/10

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