What Is the Correct Interconnection?

275Comment: We can imagine our current state as one of a person who is under local anesthesia undergoing surgery on some part of the body and he does not feel it. Similarly, we do not feel our dependence on each other.

My Response: We feel globally dependent on each other in our adversities, but we do not want to admit and understand it. Only our correct global interconnection can lead us to harmony, to a correct, good existence.

The correct interconnection between us is like the interconnection between parts of one body where I do not take more than I need. This is how every cell of the body exists. It takes as much as it needs to function and gives the rest to other organs; it serves the whole body.

This is how each of us is, from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

Comment: But in order for a person to change his perception, he first needs to reveal this picture.

My Response: First, one needs to realize that it is impossible to exist otherwise. We have reached an impasse and one cannot correct oneself. What to do next? Then one will find that source of external energy, light, which will change a person. This is the only way we will be corrected, not on our own, by forcing people to be altruists and give everything they have, but with the help of the upper light, by connecting with each other. You will see that it is possible.

Question: Will we be pushed to this by blows and suffering anyway?

Answer: If we do not want to do this by ourselves.

Question: Does it mean that we cannot expect anything good?

Answer: If we are good, then we will receive only good, and if we are bad, then we will receive only bad.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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