An Obligation to Live in Peace

183.01Today we live in a world of global interconnections. The war in Ukraine resonates all over the world and in all that we do from buying bread, lighting gas on the stove, or starting the car. This conflict affects everyone personally even if you are physically very far away from it. We are given a real sense of the meaning of global peace and mutual dependence.

In what way do we depend on each other? We can say in everything! Almost every country depends on others in the fields of food and industry. Over the past decade this dependence has already become total. If we haven’t realized it yet, then we will have to experience it in the most practical ways in the coming years.

Therefore, we should seriously think about what we are doing. After all, anyone who ignores his connection with others, even if imperceptible at first glance, seems to be shooting himself in the foot.

We don’t realize yet that we are in a completely closed system. As soon as a chain breaks, it hits the countries that depend on it, then the other countries that depended on them, and then other countries; so this problem spreads until it covers all of humanity around the globe.

But the fact is that we do not want to recognize this mutual dependence. I am willing to recognize dependence on my family and, well, maybe to some extent on my country. But why should I take into account the interests of other states and foreign, sometimes even hostile, peoples?

I don’t want that! But there is no other way. We see that everything is arranged on Earth in such a way as to reveal our mutual dependence to us and our obligation to be connected with one another. After all, no one is able to provide even the most vital essentials for themselves without proper and kind communication with all the peoples of the world, with all countries. It’s a miracle how we suddenly found ourselves in a round, integral world.

In this situation, we learn how dependent we are on each other; no one can consider himself free, since he depends on everyone. One country cuts off supplies, which causes a chain reaction and disruption of supplies in one country after another, and as a result, everyone would die of cold and hunger, without coal, steel, rare metals, oil, gas, medicines—the most vital things. Humanity simply will not be able to exist if it continues in the same spirit.

Mutual dependence has become total and we have to admit it. This is the main characteristic of the modern world and of our generation. If we want to suffer less, we need to talk about it more and clarify it. In this way we will come to peace, to advancement, and to mutual support. All of humanity around the globe will become one community, one people, so it will be impossible to start a war anywhere, with anyone.

We must finally end wars, conflicts, and hostile attitudes, and acknowledge that everyone has an obligation to ensure peace for one another.
From KabTV’s “World” 7/12/22

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