How Can You Keep Moving?

527.03Question: If the desire is taken away from a person who is engaged in spiritual advancement and he is not even able to move a finger, how can he keep on moving without this desire?

Answer: These are just metamorphoses that we have to go through. First of all, you have to connect with the group and with the study, and you will find that you have to form a new desire. You change not the desire itself, but the intention. That is, the motivation disappears, for the sake of what to move.

Previously you moved for yourself, you realized that you have to do millions of things in the world and thus fill yourself until you begin to realize that you are made of desire and fulfillment, and your mind exists only to help you fill yourself.

Man is a very simple machine, a kind of box that wants to fill itself. It has arms, legs, a head, tongue, eyes, and ears. This robot is looking for a way to fill itself each moment to the maximum while spending the least effort to do that. Optimal filling in accordance with emerging internal needs—this is us, very primitive, very simple.

Now there is a reprogramming of this box with arms and legs. A person must perform it himself, understand what he is doing, realize, and agree with this: How should I now reprogram myself so that my filling is the filling of others?
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. A Man Without a Soul” 10/6/12

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