A Screen that Does Not Allow You to See the Truth

423.01Question: When you realized that our world does not actually exist, how shocking was it for you?

Answer: In principle, I had a hunch about this. Many people have a hunch about this.

It is not necessary to reveal this in your qualities, because everything is so logical that I somehow pulled myself up to such a realization, without Kabbalah.

The fact is that I was created a little detached from our world. When I don’t feel matter, I feel good.

I’m telling you how it was. I was drawn to this feeling because I felt that all the spinning electrons or people are all unimportant, unreal, and not the main thing! Precisely, it is they who are the screen in front of the eyes that does not allow me to see the truth.

Since childhood, I had such a clear impression. Therefore, when I heard that Kabbalah thought this way, I dashed to it! I started to delve into the Kabbalistic books without understanding anything and hardly making any sense of a couple of words. I am glad that I found a friend who read these books aloud to me.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Break Away from Everything Earthly!” 9/15/12

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