Kabbalah: The Innermost Science

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: If Kabbalists wished to tell us about the Upper World, then why do they describe it using the words of our world and thereby confuse us?

My Answer: Kabbalists communicate with us in the “language of branches.” The science of Kabbalah is written for those who have a point in the heart, meaning for the people who yearn to reveal spirituality, the Upper World. They don’t know what it is, but nevertheless aspire toward it.

You can take a Kabbalistic book and read it as though you are reading about something existing in this world. Yet by doing so, try to constantly imagine that whatever you are reading about exists in the Upper World in the form forces and properties, reception and bestowal, and nothing else. This is why Baal HaSulam defines each word of our world by providing its meaning in the Upper World.

If I aspire to see this picture, then where is it? It’s not somewhere in the heavens; it’s within me. That is, a Kabbalistic book talks about my inner forces, about the world within me. In general, the book talks only about me; everything exists within me: people and animals, the sun, the moon, and the spiritual Partzufim.

However, when I imagine all of this within myself, I also have to wish for the Light to come and correct this picture within me, to let me see and feel these forces of love and bestowal. I desire to reveal not only this bestowal, but also the force that governs it all: the Creator.

To achieve it, I have to imagine that the people surrounding me in this world also exist within me. There is nothing else; everything is merely my inner forces. Start imagining that you now connect with all of these people, that is, with all of these forces within you. When you begin to constantly work with the book in this way, it will direct you toward bestowal. This way you will awaken the real picture and draw it closer to yourself. This is called “attracting the Light that Reforms.”

A Kabbalistic book not only helps us reveal what exists within each of us, it also teaches how to sharpen our vision so as to reveal all the worlds, the entire universe, and all of reality within ourselves. There is nothing outside. That’s why Kabbalah is called an inner science.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/7/10, Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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  1. YES…

  2. What exactly decided for Kabbalah be revealed and shown to the daylight?
    So far I am not satisfied with offered explanations on Web.
    Please convince me …

  3. Dear Marek Zielinski, in Kabbalah if you need more convincing then you do not have the vessels to appreciate Kabbalah. Kabbalah been shown to th world means everybody in the world is ready for Kabbalah. You must develop the point in the heart for Kabbalah to make sense to you.

    Can you answer why people spend all effort to make money just to donate most to “lazy people”, people we think are useless because they do not understand how to make money? The appearance of people ready to donate a lot to charity, fight for the cause of under-privileged, and the like is proof enough that Kabbalah should be brought to the daylight to assist more rapid spiritual development of people. But it is not for all and can’t be for all.

  4. If Kabbalah (from the verb qbl – receive) means revealing one’s inner world and dealing with the forces “inside” ourselves then wouldn´t it (the study) be closer to the studies of Psychiatry (not about ilness but about conciousness)?

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