Kabbalah Moments: Towards The Machsom

Everything Begins With A Secret

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is written: “The whole Torah begins with a secret (Sod).” PARDES (acronym for the sequential attainment of spirituality) starts with “Sod” (secret) and ends with “Pshat” (knowledge, simple interpretation).

Presently, we don’t feel that we stand before the secret; it is all strictly hidden from us. Pshat means that everything becomes simple, clean, and open, which is the last step of attainment. When we begin attaining spirituality, we ascend from our world to the World of Assiya where we uncover Sod (secret); that is, we realize that everything is a mystery to us and it is all hidden. This is what we reveal in the World of Assiya.

When we ascend to the World of Yetzira, we uncover DRUSH (explanation), and if we reach the World of Beria, there we will discover REMEZ (hint). If we ascend to the World of Atzilut, we will reveal PSHAT (knowledge), and everything before us will open: the simple Upper Light that fills the entire reality.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/25/10, The Zohar

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The Upper Light Will Mend Everything

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should not forget about the influence of the Upper Light upon us. It is the most important component, yet we constantly forget about it. When the Light works on us, it gives us a certain sensation of the other side, the nature of bestowal, and that tiny spark within us begins to grow.

We are entirely immersed within our egoism, yet this miniscule spark of bestowal, the point in the heart, is granted to us. If we study Kabbalah books and work with the friends by trying to connect them to ourselves, we thereby draw the Surrounding Light that brings us back to the Source.

The Upper Light Corrects Everything
The point in the heart expands and grows bigger, and in this additional volume we begin to sense what bestowal is, that it is opposite to reception, our egoistic qualities. In this way we study one in contrast with the other, allowing us to check these qualities, like plus against minus.

It is similar to how in physics or chemistry, evaluations are made by comparing opposites for otherwise it is impossible to discern anything. There must be light against darkness, and only then do we begin understanding something.

This is why we sit down and study. And even if we don’t understand anything, gradually, by being with the group and close to authentic Kabbalistic sources, we draw the Surrounding Light.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/25/10, Shamati #99

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The Future Of The World: What Does It Depend On?

Dr. Michael LaitmanPeople are beginning to recognize the potentially destructive influence of mass media on one’s environment. Mass media, in particular, rather than money, financial situations, or our plans for humanity’s future, determines everything. This generation and future generations depend on the influence of the environment that affects our entire life. Let us hope that humanity will realize it, and first, will limit the negative influence it exudes today, and then, will redirect it properly. The task of Kabbalah is to help humanity see it faster.

The world is gradually developing a critical outlook toward itself and all the global systems that have been built around us and that now affect absolutely everybody in all areas of life. Particularly because this global system has become so universal and influential, it arouses a lot of concern. Humanity will have to take serious care of it.

We can no longer let everyone do whatever they please in the mass media. The force of the mass media should be in the hands of wise people, Kabbalists. The mass media cannot be controlled by dictatorship. Humanity’s development makes it break all limitations and obstacles.Yet, there is an opposite tendency whereby we must somehow restrict mass media. If we don’t, we will learn of this need by suffering.

There is a constant fight between the left and right lines, each of which insists that it is better than the other one. But both of them are neither good nor right. There has to be a middle line which doesn’t simply unite them, but rather rises above them. It is not their mixing or a compromise between them; it is not like a some centrist political party that is above the left or the right.

Rather, this middle line is an approach that is altruistic, in bestowal, and extends above all egoistic approaches. Such an approach will be able to unite everyone and bring peace.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/28/10, “Preface to the Sulam Commentary”

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I Will Reach Something Good

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe proceed to reading The Zohar after preparing ourselves for it by studying Rabash’s articles during the first part of the lesson; that is, after we are ready to receive the Light that Reforms. What does it mean, “We are ready”? It means we have a desire for it, a desire for the inner dimension in particular, for acquiring the property of bestowal beyond our earthly mind and sensations. We want this property to rule over us.

What if a person has no desire for it? What if he does not feel that he lacks the property of bestowal and does not even wish to feel this lack? What should he do? He too should stay with those who want to acquire the property of bestowal. A person who feels virtually no relation to it should cling like a newborn to those who study. It is said about the science of Kabbalah: “It will heal all flesh.”

In our world, even a healthy person occasionally undergoes medical examination: “What if they find some illness?” “Why do you need it if you are healthy?” “I want to be sure I don’t have any disease that is progressing while I am unaware of it.”

The same applies to us. Even if we don’t feel that we lack the property of bestowal and we consider ourselves “healthy,” we trust the great Kabbalists who advise us to examine ourselves. Hence, we read The Book of Zohar even if we feel no need for it. Perhaps, thanks to this reading that I don’t particularly relate to or feel any taste or necessity for, I will nevertheless examine myself and see that I possess negative properties. By correcting them, I will reach something good (I will get better).

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/28/10, The Zohar

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Effort Brings The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Writings of Rabash, Shlavey Ha Sulam, Article 16, 1984 “The Matter of Bestowal”: There is a rule that if one wants to reach a certain goal and knows that it is impossible to reach it without toil, then one exerts effort and ignores rest. And if a person engages in Kabbalah and inner work, it means that he has a spiritual need and expects to receive the desired in this way. Hence, before starting his work, one needs to examine what one is expecting to receive with its help, meaning what reward is he expecting from his work? And when a person starts pondering about it, an array of different thoughts come to him, and it is hard for him to understand what he truly wants….

We always find ourselves in misgivings and doubts: “What do I need all this for; why am I doing this?” We don’t know the true reason since it is hidden from us. This great chasm of doubt seems endless and many gradually stop analyzing these questions. The more one delves into them, the more questions arise in him; meanwhile, regular life keeps flowing along. And thus one stops pondering about it and no longer looks for the answer.

But why did the Creator prepare for us so many considerations, so many paths and thoughts, such as “why, what for, and how?” I cannot escape these thoughts, and the more I think about them the more confused I become. Was it really His intention that I should fall into despair and quit it all? If I don’t clarify all of it fully, if I don’t reveal for myself the new degree, I will not advance. So why is He putting obstacles in my way?

The Creator does it so that only those who seek to attain bestowal, to become like Him, and are willing to work for it will come to Him. I tried to reach bestowal and realized that I know nothing, that I am in total darkness, and, thus, need help from Above. On the one hand, I am ready to give everything because the exerted efforts grant me strength to go on toward the goal. If I have invested great efforts to achieving some goal, I can’t abandon it easily. I’ve already invested so much! I am prepared to pay so as to not let my investment go to waste.

If I understand that bestowal exists and that I must achieve it by all means, the disillusionment in my own strength gives rise to the true prayer.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/24/10, Article, “The Matter of Bestowal”

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Kabbalists On The Purpose Of Creation, Part 8

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about these passages from the great Kabbalists. I promise to answer them. Commentaries in brackets are mine.

What is the Purpose of Creation?

Man’s reality is built of deep, endless wisdom. Because the Lord created many great creatures, higher than high and higher yet, and all are needed in their positions, as nothing is superfluous, and all is based on the fundamental cornerstone that what the Creator desires of man’s work is for him to correct all of the deficiencies of creation and elevate himself, degree after degree, until he cleaves to His Blessed Divinity.

Hence, that sets aside all things that distance the Blessed and all in their proximity from Him, and draws all that nears Him and in their proximity, and all this is extremely profound and tremendous, and everything is bound to develop, under great circumstances, to attain the general wholeness.
Ramchal, Da’at Te’vunot (Knowledge of Wisdom), Item 124.

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 5

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is the Purpose of Creation?
Questions on the post “Kabbalists On The Purpose Of Creation,” Part 2

Question: It follows that we, being a common, single desire, have to receive everything that the Creator has prepared for us. Is that why we need to prepare ourselves for the supreme feast? Are we supposed to develop the upper connection among us so as to withstand the Creator together? And is it after we tell Him, “No,” and become independent and overcome our shame? That’s a discrepancy! Is an eternal feast between the two equal partners a sort of re-birth? It’s hard to imagine this split even for a second!

My Answer: That is because you, my darling, are still a simple egoist; that is, you exist only in one nature. When the other, altruistic, nature starts manifesting within you, it won’t lead to a “schizophrenic split.” Rather, you will have an opportunity to comprehend how the opposites unite. By the way, quantum physics is already discovering such manifestations of nature.

Question: Can we say that my temporary nature of being a slave changes only in sensations by my simply choosing the master, even in the absence of their functional role and, possibly, their essence? Then, how should we redefine our relationship when I choose to work at the master’s place, for good payment? Who is he in relation to me, a partner? Why does the Torah use the world “slave” both from the side of the Creator (“‘Fear not, my slave, Jacob,’ the Creator said”) as well as from the side of characters (“the Creator’s slave”)?

My Answer: There are many types of connection with the Creator: “son,” “slave,” “wife,” “friend” and so on. “Slave” refers to a complete preference of the property of bestowal to that of reception.

A question on the post “Kabbalists On The Purpose Of Creation,” Part 3

Question: Quote: “Neither has the eye seen a God beside thee”… What about the others?

My Answer: It applies to everyone, but only within one’s personal corrected properties.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 06.28.10

Rabash, Shlavei HaSulam, Article “Sometimes You Call Spirituality By the Name Soul (Neshama)”
There isn’t anything new in the humanity’s development; we simply reveal what already exists on the levels of development.
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The Book of Zohar – Selections, Chapter “VaYetze (And Jacob Went Out), Item 167
The further we advance the more we understand that everything that’s revealed to us along the path is the Creator.
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Rav Yehuda Ashlag, “Preface to the Sulam Commentary,” Item 83
The screen (Masach) has to constantly renew itself and be in motion under the influence of the Light, otherwise there would be no development.
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Rav Yehuda Ashlag, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot,” Item 3, Lesson 3
Humanity’s only problem is disconnection. By resolving this problem we’ll calm the fire of passions and enter into a stream of perfection.
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