Answers To Your Questions, Part 5

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is the Purpose of Creation?
Questions on the post “Kabbalists On The Purpose Of Creation,” Part 2

Question: It follows that we, being a common, single desire, have to receive everything that the Creator has prepared for us. Is that why we need to prepare ourselves for the supreme feast? Are we supposed to develop the upper connection among us so as to withstand the Creator together? And is it after we tell Him, “No,” and become independent and overcome our shame? That’s a discrepancy! Is an eternal feast between the two equal partners a sort of re-birth? It’s hard to imagine this split even for a second!

My Answer: That is because you, my darling, are still a simple egoist; that is, you exist only in one nature. When the other, altruistic, nature starts manifesting within you, it won’t lead to a “schizophrenic split.” Rather, you will have an opportunity to comprehend how the opposites unite. By the way, quantum physics is already discovering such manifestations of nature.

Question: Can we say that my temporary nature of being a slave changes only in sensations by my simply choosing the master, even in the absence of their functional role and, possibly, their essence? Then, how should we redefine our relationship when I choose to work at the master’s place, for good payment? Who is he in relation to me, a partner? Why does the Torah use the world “slave” both from the side of the Creator (“‘Fear not, my slave, Jacob,’ the Creator said”) as well as from the side of characters (“the Creator’s slave”)?

My Answer: There are many types of connection with the Creator: “son,” “slave,” “wife,” “friend” and so on. “Slave” refers to a complete preference of the property of bestowal to that of reception.

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Question: Quote: “Neither has the eye seen a God beside thee”… What about the others?

My Answer: It applies to everyone, but only within one’s personal corrected properties.

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