The Future Of The World: What Does It Depend On?

Dr. Michael LaitmanPeople are beginning to recognize the potentially destructive influence of mass media on one’s environment. Mass media, in particular, rather than money, financial situations, or our plans for humanity’s future, determines everything. This generation and future generations depend on the influence of the environment that affects our entire life. Let us hope that humanity will realize it, and first, will limit the negative influence it exudes today, and then, will redirect it properly. The task of Kabbalah is to help humanity see it faster.

The world is gradually developing a critical outlook toward itself and all the global systems that have been built around us and that now affect absolutely everybody in all areas of life. Particularly because this global system has become so universal and influential, it arouses a lot of concern. Humanity will have to take serious care of it.

We can no longer let everyone do whatever they please in the mass media. The force of the mass media should be in the hands of wise people, Kabbalists. The mass media cannot be controlled by dictatorship. Humanity’s development makes it break all limitations and obstacles.Yet, there is an opposite tendency whereby we must somehow restrict mass media. If we don’t, we will learn of this need by suffering.

There is a constant fight between the left and right lines, each of which insists that it is better than the other one. But both of them are neither good nor right. There has to be a middle line which doesn’t simply unite them, but rather rises above them. It is not their mixing or a compromise between them; it is not like a some centrist political party that is above the left or the right.

Rather, this middle line is an approach that is altruistic, in bestowal, and extends above all egoistic approaches. Such an approach will be able to unite everyone and bring peace.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/28/10, “Preface to the Sulam Commentary”

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