Distributing the Sparks of Bestowal

161Comment: Jewish people have their own purpose and that is why the point in the heart is revealed in them. But others do not have these sparks. But sometimes you say they will still awaken in everyone.

Answer: No, the shattering was only among Jews. Therefore, there are parts of the desire of the common Malchut into which the sparks of bestowal have penetrated more or less, but they necessarily exist somewhere.

Therefore, there are such nations, such parts of civilization, that cannot independently feel the point in their heart or ignite it by attracting the upper light upon themselves and creating an inner light out of the surrounding light. And there are those who gradually will be able to do so.

Thus, there are nations closer and further from correction in accordance with the so-called 70 nations of the world—the 7 Sefirot of Zeir Anpin. Therefore, they are divided into more active ones, not as low, with awareness and perception, as well as less active, more passive ones.

But this does not say which of them is higher or lower. This only speaks about the correction process: who is earlier or later, who should help those lagging behind.

And then, once everything is formed into a general system, it turns into a sphere where everyone is absolutely equal.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Jews Always Win“ 6/9/12

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