Dissemination Is a Push to Rise

254.01Comment: You say that dissemination is more useful to us than to the world because the world does not change. We must change it.

My Response: Yes, the more I pass the light through me to the whole world, naturally the more I ascend and rise. It is an interconnected system. I cannot ascend unless the next layer forms underneath me. This is how I grow, only through the students.

Once upon a time, the first Kabbalists were at the level of NHY, the lowest Sefirot. Then a layer of students started to form under them who reached the level of HGT, and then to the level of HBD. That is, everything grows from the bottom to the top because more and more corrected souls are connected from below.

The same thing happens with us; if you want to rise even a little, you need some more people to form under you.

For example, if you make a certain dissemination project in such a way that many people will awaken from it to a correct action and as a result they somehow indirectly, no matter how, reach the source of light, then naturally, a huge foundation will be formed under you so that you can rise.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Personal Benefit” 9/8/12

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