Grasp the Feeling of The Creator

527.03In physics, there are phenomena that based on some alternative possibilities and research, we come to the conclusion that something exists, but we cannot determine it even indirectly. We have the same problem with the Creator. People guess and make assumptions about Him, and on these bases philosophies, religions, and what not arise!

What is this force that determines, creates, and brings everything to life? We cannot feel this either in our bodily senses or with artificially created instruments. We cannot! We do not have such a measuring tool or some kind of scanner or X-ray.

Kabbalah directs a person to create a device within oneself that will enable the person to sense the Creator, tune oneself to this phenomenon, this force, this field, and by continuously changing oneself to come closer and closer to it. You need to work tirelessly on yourself and then it will happen.

It is said that after you make certain quantitative and qualitative efforts which are called Igati (came), you will reveal Him, which is called Matsati (found). And that is it!

The only problem is that we do not know exactly what kind of efforts there are. And for that we have been given a group and all the conditions that Kabbalists write about.

In principle, Kabbalah exists only to help a person not be confused, but to apply the right amount of effort in the right place and as efficiently as possible.

And then, when you grasp the tail of the feeling of the Creator, and you already have it, you begin to move forward along it. You grab the end of the rope and climb up. The main task of Kabbalists is to bring us to the first contact in order to grasp the feeling of the Creator.

Therefore, every day you need to change and be afraid that you are losing time. After all, here you are racing against time.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Change Every Second” 7/14/12

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