Why Do I Labor And What Do I Find?

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati #161, "The Matter of the Giving of the Torah": "I labored and did not find, do not believe." We must understand the meaning of “I found.” What is there to find? Find concerns finding grace in the eyes of the Creator.

It is written about actualizing the method of correction: “I labored and found.” What kind of odd motto is this? I can understand the “labored,” but the “found” part is very unclear.

If I correct myself so as to achieve love of others, in this good attitude toward others and connection with them, I find not just anybody but the Creator Himself: the all-inclusive force of nature which binds everything into one whole system. Everything depends on labor. I must invest myself and sweat as I try to gather the entire system, to construct relationships with others, to establish the correct connection, and to feel it out in the darkness.

In this I labor, and then I ultimately find the Creator the moment the system’s parts unify. Thus, I reveal the universal force, and it becomes my inner life force. And if I don’t labor and conduct this search, I will lack the understanding and impressions necessary to unite all the souls.

Indeed, it is up to me to attain this system and learn to control it, just as every cell cares for the body as a whole, even though we have yet to reveal this. The same principle applies to all of creation: Each element is interconnected with all others and the whole system, as in a hologram. This is perfection.

For this reason it is impossible to forgo labor in actualizing the method of correction for then I would never be able to connect, understand, and absorb everything within.

But in spirituality, although he is rewarded with being favored, he must still pay the full price later—the measure of the labor that everyone gives. If not, he will lose the Kli.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/10, "The Matter of the Giving of the Torah"

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