You Can’t Test Yourself In Spirituality

testyourself We mustn’t overly contemplate the stages of development we are on. We think that the better we understand and feel the material, the more we will advance, but this is incorrect.

Some people are sensitive, while others are rational and intelligent. And then there are those who are limited in both respects. This doesn’t matter because we don’t study with the mind. In addition, a sensitive person does not necessarily receive the right impressions for advancement.

Advancement is not at all dependent on how well we feel or understand the material. Success depends only on our efforts, as it is written: “I labored and I found.”

There is no way to test our advancement similar to how we do it with all the other things in our world. We cannot check whether or not we’ve felt the right feelings or completed certain actions successfully or otherwise. None of these criteria exist in spirituality. Forget about all the systems in this world. They mean nothing with respect to the spiritual.

In spirituality, only the effort counts. Are you truly applying yourself to the full extent? That’s what seals the deal. That is the key to success. There is nothing else.

Nothing else is taken into account. No matter how many good or bad states you may have experienced or how many blows you’ve endured – these things mean nothing. At every moment you must think only about your efforts – to what extent can you force yourself to connect with the Creator through the group? That is bestowal in the purest sense.

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