Conceal the Creator from Yourself Voluntarily

294.4It is not easy to climb the spiritual degrees by faith above reason because the picture that appears before you is absolutely clear and understandable to you. This is the hostile action of egoism that reveals the future to you as the present, and you must neglect what you see as if it does not exist.

The revelation of the Creator unfolds all possibilities before you, not just a temporary scan, and makes the future like the present, because there is no future, present, and past.

The surrounding light is the future. The light emanating from Partzuf Nekudim is the past. The inner light (Ohr Pnimi) that fills the Partzuf is the present.

When a person has all this converging into one, he does not take it into account; he has a screen to disassemble everything into parts and make a temporary setup himself, to go through all these states with his own efforts.

In other words, the Creator reveals Himself and everything becomes absolutely clear, but a person voluntarily conceals the Creator from himself, i.e., all the energy, information, action, and plan, in order to create a picture out of the darkness by himself and combine it into one mosaic, because in this way he learns the inner meaning of the Creator and this will give the Creator pleasure. That is what he is interested in!

So Kabbalists have a slightly different approach compared to psychics. We disagree with them because first we need a screen to turn our world into a world of infinity in all respects with infinite knowledge, attainment, movement, or whatever.

The screen is necessary for one to own, like the Creator, who took all the power of the universe, and not our little world that occupies one dark point, and to use this power as he sees fit based on his elevation.

Opportunities should not exceed knowledge, otherwise you see what an atomic bomb in the hands of savages can lead to.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Kabbalists Versus Psychics” 7/14/12

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