When an Enemy Turns into a Friend

963.1Question: How does a person use envy correctly without trying to extinguish it in oneself?

Answer: There is no need to extinguish anything, not even the most negative thoughts and motives! All of this is corrected by the light, not you, so there is nothing to suppress in yourself.

On the contrary, when all sorts of negative qualities manifest themselves, it means that now you need upper light that will correct you a little. That is all. Meaning, you have a need for light, and without negative feelings it would not exist.

Question: Let us say a person has a need for light, but it does not take away his desire to stab someone. Or is it somehow transformed?

Answer: It is transformed. It is like you are cutting the intention, but the desire remains.

If you have a desire to slaughter people, then go to the slaughterhouse and work there as a slaughterer of cattle. And the transformation takes place in intentions.

My intention to cause someone some kind of injury turns into the opposite. I correct it with the help of the upper light to the opposite, and my enemy becomes my most beloved friend, no matter how incredible it seems now.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How to Use Envy Correctly” 9/8/12

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