You Need To Hurry Without Haste

538Question: There is a World Slow Day that was invented by the Italians. Now it is celebrated in 90 countries around the world, including in Paris, London, and Washington. The president of The Art of Living Slowly, notes that, “‘It’s an occasion to take a little time for yourself and remember that if we’re always rushing, we end up taking the wrong road.” The day promotes slowing down to live better. 

How do you feel about living so leisurely?

Answer: It depends on the people and not on whether or not to introduce a holiday.

Question: Can I get under this stream?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. The influence of the environment on a person is well studied.

Question: What is a leisurely life for you?

Answer: I already think that I live slowly. Nobody drives me anywhere; I’m my own boss. The only thing is that I still have responsibility for thousands of people.

Question: And does the slowness immediately disappear at this moment?

Answer: It is already changing its form, even its function and its content. It turns into a leisurely responsibility. This means that I must not rush, but at the same time understand that I cannot just stop and allow myself to think and rest as much as I want. I have to take into account those people who somehow depend on me.

Question: And the rigid life schedule remains?

Answer: Yes! It’s above everything. I believe that slowness is when a person has everything correctly distributed. It can be at great speed. That is, the whole day is absolutely filled, but he knows what he must do this at every moment of time, and he fully relies, if necessary, on his extraneous forces. And so he relates to life as the implementation of mandatory procedures.

Question: Tell me, please, should an ordinary person live leisurely?

Answer: Any person is obliged to live slowly; that is, he is obliged to make his life, the lives of those around him, the life of the country, the state, and the world such that it obeys a very clear understanding of the goal and the steps to achieve it.

Question: What goal should such a leisurely person strive for?

Answer: To achieve true slowness because any haste leads to incredibly undesirable results: a person immediately instantly limits his analytical abilities and decisions and slides into haste and makes irrational decisions.

Question: What specific goal should a person set?

Answer: To constantly be at a certain pace, like a train: move, move, move, without slowing down or adding speed. All the time. This is the right attitude toward life.

Question: What is your goal as a leisurely person?

Answer: To achieve the maximum possible disclosure of the Creator for me, the maximum possible dissemination of the science of Kabbalah, and the maximum possible distribution of this knowledge among my students. That’s pretty much my goal.

Question: What about an ordinary person?

Answer: I think that in principle, everyone should gradually approach these same questions. And then for an ordinary person the goal will be to achieve a correct understanding of life and the world.

Question: What is it?

Answer: To reveal it. And that’s it. That is, when the disclosure of life and the world coincide with the desires of a person, with his goal and what he realizes.

Question: What is a person led to?

Answer: To reveal the inner force of the world that created our world, that created us, that controls everything, why, how it does it, and how I can work with it on this together.

Question: That is, to become an accomplice in this process?

Answer: Become an accomplice in this whole thing. It’s to be an accomplice.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/31/22

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