What Information Does The Creator Transmit To A Person?

509Question: What information can be deemed as objective so that it can be trusted? Is there any such information at all?

Answer: It is outside of a person and within the image that a person discovers in the Creator. There one begins to live, so to say, according to concepts.

Question: And what information does the Creator carry?

Answer: The Creator brings to man the understanding of man.

Question: So a person starts to understand who he is?

Answer: Yes. We cannot and do not attain the Creator Himself. We attain everything within ourselves in some of our feelings regarding each other.

Question: So it turns out that all this truth and correct information is incomprehensible in our egoistic and earthly conditions?

Answer: Certainly not.

Question: Do you mean we have to break away from egoism nevertheless?

Answer: When you break away, you begin to understand that this truth is also not yet attainable.

Question: Where is it then?

Answer: It doesn’t exist. Really, it doesn’t. We still can’t escape from ourselves in any way. We attain the Creator only to the extent of equivalence to Him in the heart, in  feelings, and in the mind, which help us somehow complete the image that we always want to see and draw in ourselves.

Question: Which is the image of Him as loving, kind, and doing good?

Answer: Yes but these are still limited things. Everything is relative to a person and we can’t escape from ourselves anywhere. No matter how we imagine all this, the real truth is unattainable.

There are still degrees, worlds, and elevations that still need to be attained, they are imaginary, transcendent, and negative, which we will have to reveal.

Question: In principle, is it  good for a person that there are all these worlds and secrets before him?

Answer: It’s so exciting as we move forward! The Creator Himself is already there without any connection with us. And at the point when you feel that it’s Him there but without me, it suddenly gives you such strength and perseverance to achieve since it shows us that it is probably surmountable.

Question: Is that what you call life?

Answer: Of course!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/27/22

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