Our World Is A Point Of Spiritual Ascent

712.03The world where we live was formed by the successive descent of the upper world, which, gradually reduced itself and reached the very last point called “our world.” And this is the best state for spiritual ascent.

As we rise, we do not forget this state, but we begin to comprehend it in a new way, to feel it, to approve it, to justify it. We see that it is thanks to this very lowest world, remote from perfection, that we can appreciate the perfection we are ascending to.

At the same time, we expand and open the spiritual world more and more and begin to understand that our state was forced, specially created for us, not as a punishment, but absolutely opposite to perfection. And on the difference between the two worlds, we can realize how perfect the upper world is.

Therefore, if a person begins to treat our world correctly as a point of ascent, he no longer curses Him, knows how to use it, appreciates and values ​​it. This world is a really good start for us.

Question: Does this happen only at the level of perception, not sensation?

Answer: It depends on how you understand it. For example, if I get sick, the doctor gives me an injection. It hurts me, it’s unpleasant, but I take it with gratitude and pay him for the service because I know that it will give a good result. Therefore, the doctor, as a mediator, is justified, desirable in my eyes.

So, you just need to open your eyes to see the final result. This is what Kabbalah gives us. And then this whole world becomes necessary, desired, and correct; you know how to use it to achieve perfection based on the opposite state.

Question: In this regard, do we want to somehow improve our world?

Answer: No. We only need to raise ourselves. There is nothing to transform the world. We are constantly trying to improve it, but it only gets worse because we have to change ourselves, not the world.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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