Where Is Real Life Hiding?

712.03Question: What is life according to Kabbalah? What gives us the feeling of being alive?

Answer: According to Kabbalah, the volume of the universe we feel ourselves in today and call our world is a very small part of the entire universe.

We stay in it for a certain time, experience various events to accumulate some special information, and then exit this state to enter a higher one, and to start to feel the full volume of the universe in its true form, not our world, but the universal, what-is-called the higher world that includes ours.

Therefore, in Kabbalah, our existence in relation to this full volume is spoken of as a dream, as a small, not obvious sensation of real life. Real life is completely different from what we feel today.

In practice, we only experience our animalistic existence because everything we do is serving our animal body so that it feels good and comfortable. We try to give it all the pleasures that it wants to absorb and make everything as comfortable as possible for it.

Imagine that your beloved pet lives next to you and you take care of it all the time; this, in principle, is our life. Just like animals, we wish to have children, we want them to feel good, we strive to ensure their future. In animals, this is very clearly manifested at the instinctive level. Their concern for themselves and for the future generation is the main thing beside the essentials for existence such as food and shelter.

So, in this respect, we are animals in our world relative to the upper world where we are called “man.”
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Mystery of the Sphinx” 2/5/10

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