Egoism Is The Driving Force

115.05Throughout our lives we develop thanks to egoism, which pushes us from generation to generation. Every time I want something new: this, that, and other things. Look at children, they are on the move all the time. This is how our egoism develops: grab this, learn that, try this.

Although we clash with each other, fight, kill, and steal, we are controlled by our nature, and therefore, no matter what, we are moving forward. This is how humanity has come to this day.

If suddenly we say: “Let us develop not with a natural egoistic force, but with an altruistic one, opposite to it,” where can we get the desire, strength, and energy for the realization of altruism?

For the realization of egoism, I have the energy, I want to receive. But to give, where will I find such a desire in myself? Can I think of others? Of course not.

I can only think about the other to the extent that I understand my dependence on him. As a result, I think only about myself and can do good for others if I clearly know that it will be good for me.

Human nature is the most common everyday egoism at any level. Look at how atoms, molecules, the valence of elements, and everything else connects, how larger substances combine into an organism and how it works.

Even altruism inside the body in which each part thinks about the other is necessary for the whole system to work; otherwise, no organ will live. Thus, there is altruism in our world also, but it is animalistic altruism.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Gene of altruism” 9/19/10

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