The Elites

962.5Question: What will bring about a change in the control of the elites who manage us?

Answer: It is impossible for something to change because anyone who reaches a top position is ready to continue managing things the way it was, and no one leads to any revolutions on his watch. In order to perform changes and lead to revolutions, we need the right conditions, and we don’t see that there are such conditions because people are already used to the state they are living in.

They have been working like slaves for many years, receiving crumbs from the rich, some trips abroad, travelling, theater, cinema, television, and all kinds of things that are meant to confuse them, and this is how it goes. The people at the top, rich people and managers, live differently and that’s the way it will be. There cannot be equality all of a sudden.

Question: What can change the basic conditions?

Answer: Understanding the essence of life, the goal of life, the value of life, understanding that life is not measured by money. In order to attain this, we need a new education.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 11/7/21

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