Welcome To The Machine?

961.1Comment: You said that we work a lot, we don’t need so many professions and so many hours of work. And you are absolutely sure of this. Irina writes to you: “I still don’t understand, but what to live on? Prices are increasing in a race with the rise in gasoline prices. I really respect Michael Laitman, it’s nice and instructive to listen to his lectures, but this is all utopia, it doesn’t happen in the real world. A person from birth is programmed by society to study and work. Parasites, homeless people, inferior, everything is clear with this, and the rest are welcome to the machine.”

My Response: Why go to the machine? Why do we need so much work?! To throw it away later?! See what is being done in the process and at the end of the production chain. How much do we throw away? 60 to 70% of everything produced, including food and so on. What are we doing?! We empty the globe, pump out everything from it.

What’s the point?! If it were all rational, then I would agree with her. But today we are already discovering that we are spending half of our time, energy, and life in order to throw it away later! We pollute nature, the air and everything else. What’s the point? It is better to sit and do nothing, it would be most useful.

Question: So what should a person do if he has nothing to live on?

Answer: I have no complaints and no advice for such a person.

Question: So you are talking about completely different people who recycle and do not know why they accumulate?

Answer: Of course.

Question: That is, here we are talking about the necessary. And how can a person determine: “This is what I need and more is all superfluous”?

Answer: An ordinary person cannot do anything about it. He works, receives almost minimum wage, and cannot do anything about it.

Question: Do you ask this person to quit his job?

Answer: No. I advise him to simply vote in the elections where he can influence, influence, and before that, to convince others how a normal, balanced life should be arranged so that everyone works, everyone receives and can exist—no more and no less, as they say.

Question: What does this mean no more and no less? What do you mean by this?

Answer: So that everyone has enough for what is necessary, enough, but not more than that.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/4/21

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