A Path Of Several Thousand Years

760.4Question: The Creator created the desire to receive and gave us the freedom of choice so that we would understand our oppositeness to His property of bestowal and come to the realization that we must ask Him to change our nature. But why is everything so confusing? Why have hundreds of thousands of years of human development passed and no one knows about it?

Answer: It is our egoism that confuses us. It is said that the Creator made everything straightforward and simple, and people took too many different paths out of this and eventually got entangled in them.

And all this so that we eventually would get to know ourselves and what the Creator has done to us, and understand how we can really approach our likeness.

Question: Does this take hundreds of thousands of years?

Answer: We are not talking about hundreds of thousands of years. After all, until a person has evolved from atoms, molecules, and all kinds of intermediate states, has grown from the animate level and reached a resemblance to today’s man, not so much time has passed. In fact, several thousand years ago, people were just beasts and did not understand what they were for.

And only five thousand years ago, from the time of Adam, the first man who began to comprehend the Creator, they began to realize this. Five thousand years is not much. And before that, we developed like any living organisms that only took care of themselves. Therefore, five thousand years is not a lot to understand yourself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/19/21

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