How Do You Sort Out Your Thoughts And Desires?

938.05Question: How do I correctly sort my desires and thoughts? What are the criteria for this sorting?

Answer: You should discuss this among yourselves, but only a little so as not to be confused. Of course you can read about it and listen to our lessons; we have huge amounts of material.

Read articles, process them systematically, and you will see that gradually a healthy and sensible attitude will begin to appear in you, solely and only through discussions between you and by reading the sources.

Question: Does this mean that I cannot sort out them by myself?

Answer: No, you will not be able to do it by yourself, but the group can partially. One says something, another says something else, and a third adds something more. In your attempts to achieve agreement between you, the Creator will guide you in an unseen way. Suddenly, by way of one person, by way of a second or a third, you will begin to see that there is some kind of higher logical thought that is revealed. That is how the Creator manages this.  You will feel it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/14/19

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