Everything Is Subjective

278.02The Book of Zohar, Ki Tissa, Item 54: All those friends who do not love each other depart the world before their time. All the friends in Rashbi’s time had love of soul and love of spirit among them. This is why in his generation, the secrets of Torah were revealed. Rabbi Shimon would say, “All the friends who do not love each other cause themselves to stray from the right path.” Moreover, they put a blemish in the Torah, since there is love, brotherhood, and truth in the Torah.

Question: Is the Torah an objective reality, a perfect object?

Answer: There is nothing objective. Even the Creator is not objective. Everything manifests itself relative to us.

If I perceive the entire universe from my senses, from my mind and heart, what can be objective here? If I change, it means that everything will change relative to me because the whole picture is subjective in me. The Creator is also in me. The Torah is also in me. Everything is in me. Is there something outside of me? I feel, I perceive, I evaluate.

Look at how people, by changing, change their opinion about the Creator and the Torah, about themselves and the world, about everything.

And what does “permanent world” mean—the one that is outside of us? We do not know it, we do not feel it, and so there is nothing to talk about here. We need to clearly agree that everything is only relative to the observer. Just like in quantum physics, according to Einstein’s theory. So, there is nothing absolute.

The Torah is a method of correction. To the extent that I understand how to correct myself, I have my own Torah.

The Torah consists of four parts—PaRDeS. In accordance with the egoism that I am now correcting, I realize and implement one of its parts.

The Creator has degrees. It is the property of bestowal, the property of connection of the entire universe into one global system to the extent that I perceive it.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #21

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