Turn Your Heart To The Children

547.06Society should properly realize itself relative to the younger generation. It should give them the right example, act it in front of them.

Let us say we are spoiled people, we neglect each other. But we must play like a correct family, in the right relationships with each other, and show the children how much we love them in one case, and in another disapprove of them. All this should be done very gently because we ourselves still need to be educated.

The mass media and all educational institutions should be involved in this. Such educational programs should be specially implemented in schools, kindergartens, and at work. Our most important problem is educating the next generation, the next humanity. If we do it correctly, we will properly educate our children and grandchildren, then they will their own, etc.

The problem of mass education arose for the first time now. We see that we have reached the end of the line, our children are turning completely away from us.

Nevertheless, we are capable to properly educate them. But to do this we need to fully mobilize all our resources and understand that education is the most important thing.

If we do this, then thanks to our children, we will eventually correct ourselves. This is what the Torah says: “You return the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to the fathers.” It is in this way that the children will force us to correct ourselves.

By correcting ourselves for their sake, we will correct them as well, and achieve the correct, normal, good state of all mankind. Then the whole of nature will shine in a different way because a person will enter into harmony, into balance, with it.

I believe that the state we are in today—drugs, depression, suicide, and most importantly the younger generation, which completely disconnects from us and absolutely does not want to deal with us—will force us to rebuild. Not even crises but just this.

As a result, a person will begin to understand that I am nobody, I am alone, I am despised and repelled even by my children. This will be experienced by us very painfully and will force us to turn our hearts to them, as it is said in the Torah.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Marriage contract” 8/19/09

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