Who Should Be Educated First?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At what age should the education of a person begin?

Answer: Future parents should be educated first and they should continue their education for eternity. By the time a child is in kindergarten, it is too late to educate him or her if his parents have not received a proper education.

A child’s path to understanding the concept of “creation” should start before his birth. Future parents, even prior to meeting, should know why they are getting together, why they will bear children, educate, and raise them. This system of knowledge influences the future child because it precisely coincides with the development of the fetus in the mother’s womb, which develops according to the same integral laws of assembly from the mother’s substance.

The understanding of the world’s harmony by parents creates harmony in a child by influencing his or her physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Question: Why doesn’t a person feel the lack of education?

Answer: Because it obligates a person and we do not want to take any obligations. It hurts our ego, our desire to rest, to sleep, to have fun” “Is it not enough that I educate my children? Do I also have to educate myself and educate my wife?”

Question: Nonetheless, we do many things in life, which we do not like, but we see some benefits in them and do them anyway. What is the benefit of this education?

Answer: Tremendous benefit! The benefit is obvious even to an ordinary person. He just does not know how to do it right.

Question: Are there examples of good education in the history of human development or in our time?

Answer: I personally do not see such an example except the one of our small Kabbalistic society. The overwhelming majority of our children enroll into the university at the age of 14-15.

That speaks about how they are educated. They are taught to study systematically, become scientists, specialists, seek knowledge, and acquire proper communication skills with each other. They are educated in circles, which allows them to feel mutual support and build a solid, united, and friendly society.
From KabTV’s lesson in Russian 01/08/17

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