How Do We Comprehend Nature?

Laitman_703_04Question: Why is the principle of holography implemented in nature? Why don’t we feel it?

Answer: We attain everything that surrounds us through our senses, and so the attainment is according to the person who attains. That is why we cannot say that we attain nature objectively.

If we aspire to attain the Creator in the tenth dimension because that’s the way we were created, we don’t feel and don’t understand it any other way because our mind, our sensory instrument, is arranged according to a certain system. If it were created differently, we would probably be able to perceive and understand the environment differently.

It is hard to say what our universe would look like then. It is impossible to describe that because everything is perceived and reflected by a person in his consciousness. Without it, it is impossible to say how things would look.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/25/16

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