Fantasies And Reality, Part 2

laitman_219_04The world we see in front of us is not an external reality, but a sort of 3-D movie. We think that we see people, but actually we see our own qualities that supposedly exist outside of us.

Question: How does it happen that two different people look at a third and see the same thing?

Answer: Obviously, we do not see the same thing. We can’t even compare what we see and evaluate what the other person feels. We just have an agreement to call this picture our world. We can even discuss somebody’s qualities; after all, our perceptions differ.

We all see the same illusory reality that we imagine, whereby everyone as if looks through his 3-D glasses.

Question: Why do we see the same reality?

Answer: It’s because the reality we perceive has to be imprinted in the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. There is a matrix through which everyone is capable of looking at the world and that is why we perceive only certain qualities. However, everyone interprets and perceives them according to his character.

There can be only one reality—the upper force called the Creator, which we have to reveal. He is the true and only existing reality. Everything else is an illusion, including us and this entire world, which is called an imaginary world in Kabbalah.

It seems to me that there is I and everything that I imagine: all other forms and billions of people, the Earth, our galaxy, and the universe. But all this exists only in my imagination.

Modern technology is capable of producing glasses that paint a holographic picture and give a person the impression that a cup of coffee is standing in front of him, while in fact the cup is nonexistent.

But even if we do not wear such glasses at the moment, we were born with other glasses. They are located inside of our heads and that’s why we always perceive the imaginary reality. We can not take them off because they are implanted in us from birth.

That means that even without putting on the 3D glasses, we nonetheless reside within the 3D illusion. The entire world is an illusion we imagine from the moment we are born.
From a TV Program “A New Life,” No. 787, 11/01/2016

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  1. While one can somewhat attempt to accept and work with this concept in a limited sphere ie., close friends, family, co-workers…etc, it is a bit difficult to work with it and expand it to the world. For instance, we are all observing a basketball game…or a war…. There are thousands of us…supporting different groups and having different intentions… Some are indifferent, some are devastated, and some enjoy the violent episodes. It is literally impossible to imagine that all these traits belong to me. It is simply impossible to see. When we discuss these events with those around us they may have different view points, however, they see the same event playing out. One has to ask, what is the greater purpose then in all the separation into different entities? It is simply ludicrous to believe that the part born into squalor, subjugation, and abuse could possibly achieve the “correction” and” connection” of the part experiencing the relative affluence, support, free time, access to proper environment, and yes, the mental capacity, to deal with these very complex and vast teachings. It’s a beautiful concept which appears, on the surface, to be very unfairly played out. Even if this will to receive is one thing, of which we all are a part, evolving toward perfection, how do all the parts get corrected if they don’t have to all cycle through all the phases? Not still,vegetative, animate, and human but .. ignorance,.misery, hate, indifference, opportunity, hope, reaching out, connection, understanding, and then bestowal. Shouldn’t each individual part have to experience and absorb all these things to achieve perfection as a concious choice?

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