Climbing Mt. Sinai

laitman_740_03Question from Facebook: A friend and I decided to climb Mt. Sinai. At a certain point, I felt so weak that I couldn’t move and I gave in. I feel that I was given a chance and that I did not take it.

Answer: There is nothing holy about Mt. Sinai. It was a holy moment when the Jews received the Torah, not the mountain itself but the state of the children of Israel at the foot of the mountain in order to connect and to receive the Upper Light.

The upper Light fills not only our space but other dimensions as well. It is dressed in us and fills us to the degree that we can resemble it, and the resemblance is attained by our yearning to unite between us.

Therefore, Mt. Sinai is simply a geographic landmark along the way and nothing more. In fact, it is the state that people achieve when they want to connect to each other above their egoism. Then their united egoism creates a mountain that grows right in front of them, and they must rise above it.

The point in their heart called Moses rises above their egoism and the whole nation (egoism) remains below, but agrees, by lowering its head, to obey what the Creator tells Moses and to accept this state in order to later attain the same ascent together.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/15/17

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