Will Digital Reincarnation Make Us Immortal?

538Question: The film industry has learned how to bring Hollywood actors to life. Deceased musicians come on stage in the form of holograms. Microsoft has a patent for creating an interactive chat-bot that conducts a dialogue on behalf of any person, even the deceased. This technology is called “digital reincarnation.”

The idea of digital immortality is that the real “I” is not my body, but data, information that can be separated from the body and stored in some other form.

It turns out that they have come closer to this feeling, to the state of immortality?

Answer: No. This is a completely different area—the state of immortality. They took a person, copied his movements and his characteristics, and now they can manipulate it.

It was recorded, processed, deconstructed into all sorts of bits, squares, pieces, and now they can make up any image from them. They can take a Thumbelina and make a Baba Yaga out of her. We are all in these holograms.

That is, the world is really illusory.

Comment: The world really wants to come to a state of immortality.

My Response: Why is it? The way we live nowadays? I would, on the contrary, project out of all these holograms such a picture that everyone would want to fall asleep. And that’s it! So good, calm. It would be a very nice planet. It is said, “The sleep of sinners is for their benefit.”

Question: Please tell me, what is immortality for you?

Answer: This is an ascent above the level of death, above the level of our life, which is considered even worse than death. Kabbalah evaluates our life as the lowest, an existence that is not even worthy of contempt.

Question: Is this our world?

Answer: Yes. We must start to rise from it and make a real movie of ourselves. So that each of us begins to play the right person, the image of the highest, supreme, and positive that embraces the whole world!

Question: To play exactly?

Answer: Play, of course! We’re not like that!

I have to play the role that I really want to see in myself, in which I want to see myself! And I would get used to this role, get used to it, and demonstrate this role in front of everyone. And they would still demonstrate themselves in relation to me and others. And so we would have turned this world from a game into a real world.

After all, if everyone is playing, then this game turns into the truth.

Question: So I’m starting to see this as the truth?

Answer: Of course! I am perceived, and I perceive all the others, and then there is no separation between us, this is the truth or this is some kind of pretense. We play, we play all the time. And in this way, we attract upon ourselves the upper light, a special energy, global, cosmic, which would actually make such people out of us!

Comment: Our current role is more or less clear: we are what we are. We see what we are.

My Response: And this is also not the real us! This is also imposed on us. We must discover that we are being played with, that our egoism is controlling us. All this vanity and so on, it’s not us, really.

Question: So what I have in me, pride, vanity, superiority over others, is not me?

Answer: You don’t even know who you are.

Question: Who should I play?

Answer: Yourself as a righteous person. The righteous is the one who justifies all. Everyone absolutely. That is, to feel that everything else besides me is absolutely good. And then you get into a very interesting situation!

Question: But how can I justify a rapist, a hater?

Answer: No, no, this is not even a question! It just needs to be done. And you will see that there is no violence and nothing similar to it, nothing at all. We see it all in our distorted qualities.

Question: Is it my ego that’s turning everything upside down around me?

Answer: Yes. So, it’s all very interesting.

Question: Should all of humanity start playing this movie? Or does it start with a small group?

Answer: Naturally, from a small group, as usual. But, in principle, it should spread out.

We must understand that if we do not seek to change ourselves, it will end badly. There will be such irreversible changes with humanity that will awaken it again, perhaps, in many thousands of years.

Question: If we ourselves do not strive to play the role of the righteous?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/10/21

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