Where Does The Creator Manifest?

528.03Question: Is there such a thing as fear that you will not be able to please your friends, you will not be able to be a guarantor for them, within a group of like-minded people?

Answer: These are good types of fear, very advanced and serious. You can’t do without it.

Question: In general, is there any fear directly in relation to the Creator? Or does it only go through people all the time?

Answer: What is formed between the friends in the Kabbalistic group and then correlates to the totality of what they feel inside themselves is called “the Creator.”

Question: In other words, I can’t express any feelings about the Creator directly? It must pass only through the group, through the society?

Answer: Yes. Because there is no Creator. It is what you reveal to each other.

If you do, He will be there for you. If you don’t reveal it, He’s not there for you. You must form this image. Therefore, it is forbidden to portray something because such an image does not exist! It is a property, it is a power. Besides, you won’t be able to portray the force in any way.

You begin to form it yourself from your mutual actions. It will be called the Creator. Therefore it is said, “As though you have made Me.”

Comment: But still, even if a person does not feel the Creator, he sees that someone created this world, that there is some program, there is some higher power, a higher mind.

My Response: But this upper force is elusive. In relation to what will a person see it?

Comment: Yes, but it exists.

My Response: Sure. But it manifests itself!

It is one thing that it exists and another thing to reveal itself in relation to us. It is revealed to us to the extent that we reveal it. And we reveal it only in the measure of similarity. And in order to achieve its similarity, we must relate to each other correctly.

Question: For example, there are electromagnetic waves around us. And to feel them, I have to tune in to the same frequency of the wave.

It is the same with the Creator. There is an absolute, a higher intelligence. But in order for it to manifest itself, I must create an appropriate relationship in a group of like-minded people. That is, I should study its properties and try to manifest these properties within the group?

Answer: The Kabbalists tell you about this.

And if you have a feeling that you can’t do it or that you are not doing enough to make the Creator manifest, this is called awe.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/3/19

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