Everything In One Person

Question: Why in the parable of “The King and the Slave” does the king discover a flaw in his plan and instead of correcting the plan asks his minister to disguise himself as a rebel in the kingdom?

Answer: The plans, which the ministers design and prepare, are derived from our egoistic impulses. Which is to say, we are the authors of these plans.

The “ministers” are my inner characteristics with which it seems to me that I can run the world. But when I don’t succeed, I acknowledge my mistake, change my plans, act in another, wiser manner, and approach the Creator that way.

Everything that is mentioned in the parable of the king, the servant, and the ministers happens in a person himself. The Creator, the servant, and the ministers are found in a person, and the struggle also happens in a person. The Torah is only talking about one person.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/24/19

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