Criteria For Two Worlds

632.3Question: In our world, every person feels the ups and downs in their desire to receive, i.e., less or more filling, a change of mood. This can even happen several times a day depending on the situations that occur in our lives. What are the ups and downs in Kabbalah, on the spiritual path?

Answer: The spiritual path is the path to the property of bestowal, which is the main property of the upper world.

Our world is built on the property of receiving, egoism, and the spiritual world is the opposite of our world and is built on the property of bestowal. Relative to it, there are falls and rises there also.

If in our world we feel them on the basis of whether I have received more or less, won or lost a little, then in the spiritual world it is whether I have approached the property of bestowal or moved a little away from it.

In addition, if in our world we can work with the help of egoism, gain more, sometimes feel our strength, the strength of reason, willpower, the strength to achieve the goal, and accordingly with this feel ourselves on an ascent or in a descent, then in the spiritual world we do not have the strength to work with the property of bestowal.

We do not even have a clue what it is. After all, when I think about giving, I immediately automatically, subconsciously calculate: what will it give me, what will be the benefit. Otherwise, it makes no sense for me to give.

I cannot bring myself to think about it, so completely selfish is our nature. Therefore, the most important thing in Kabbalah is to somehow master the property of bestowal so that it starts working in us. This property exists around us and is called the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States. Spiritual Ascent and Descent”

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