Good And Bad

629.3Comment: What is good and what is bad? Many people are confused now.

For example, it was good for a lot of people before, and it was possible to make plans. A virus came, and it became bad. And you say, “Good.”

Earlier, America was America and the European Union was the European Union. It was good; people wanted to live there.

America is now divided into camps, and there is intense hatred. It is not known what will happen with Europe, it seems that there will not be this unified alliance. It got bad, and you say, “Good.”

The world has practically lost its purpose, there is no purpose, it is a dead end. Many people feel it.

My Response: This is the best!

Question: Can you sort it all out? What is good and what is bad?

Answer: Good: this is when we move forward in the right direction inherent in nature, not in the one that was created by some great minds, Marxism-Leninism, Capitalism, Socialism, or some other academies.

And now there is none of this, nature gives us a good impetus, and we are moving forward. And that is why it is good.

Question: That is, everything that is created by the human mind is, by and large, bad. And if we try to move, at least approximately, in accordance with nature, is that already good?

Answer: If we reluctantly move where it pushes us, then this is good.

Comment: But if we are reluctant to move, we feel bad.

My Response: Yes. But it is good.

Comment: Here is the whole stumbling block.

My Response: So the point is not to feel good and go to bad. The point is to go for the good. To the good  is where nature pushes us.

Question: That is, can we go to good only if we feel egoistically bad?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: If we feel bad, and now we are at a dead end, we have lost our bearings.

My Response: That’s very good. And from this we will find a good way out.

Question: How do we hear nature? It is impossible for an egoistic person to somehow hear it, move with it?

Answer: You just have to think about where we live, what kind of nature it is. Nature is integral, global, in which everything exists in harmony. So let’s do the same with each other.

Question: What do you mean by the word “nature”?

Answer: Nature is inanimate, vegetative, and animate, and most importantly people, who must achieve a good mutual connection with each other. And then everything will be fine, everything will be okay. These are not children’s fairy tales, this is just a law of nature that everything should be interconnected.

When we begin to unite with each other into one global whole, into mutual good dependence, mutual assistance, with the understanding that this is how one should live, in spite of our petty, philistine egoism, then we will begin to feel that all nature is so closed, altruistic. And inside this state, such a close, warm, normal connection, we will begin to feel ourselves existing in a completely different world, in a different environment.

Question: That is, I only have to make these good efforts toward the other, and I will begin to gradually feel this law of nature?

Answer: Yes. Moreover, this is all described in the Bible anywhere. Nobody can argue with this, you just need to implement it. Ideologically, everyone agrees with this, no one will say no. The most terrible bandits shout that they are for truth, justice, and so on.

So, no problem with that. The problem is how to make a good bond between us.

We cannot implement it! There have already been attempts by socialists, communists, Trotskyists, anyone else. We cannot implement it. And now nature helps us, does it for us.

Question: But people tried all the time. There were all sorts of currents. For example, the utopians tried to create cities in which there would be warm, good relations. And they couldn’t. Why? There were efforts.

Answer: There was no methodology, there was no plan, no program. And now all this is already coming to fruition.

Comment: Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky’s poem ends like this: “The boy went away happy and the little one decided: ‘I will do good and not bad.’”

My Response: So it will be with this “boy.”

Question: Will it do well? That is, we will move on to this state.

And another very important question. Retirees who live only on their own pension, those who have only enough for this life, will they have it? It won’t be taken away from them?

Answer: Nature will make it so that everyone will have everything in the necessary and sufficient quantity, no less and no more. And in this way it will set the person up for the right attitude to everything.

Question: So your appeal now is to hear nature, rely on it, and flow with it?

Answer: Yes. Everything will be calm so that everything will be like this. And the most important thing is to open a new world in the right communication with each other. Everybody is in there!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/29/20

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