What Will Change Billionaires?

961.1Question: The global luxury goods market, which encompasses both products and experiences—cruises, fine wines, gourmet food—has rapidly dropped for the first time in all countries around the world.

What will a person come to? He won’t need expensive cruises anymore or to travel all over the world?

Answer: This will go away.

Question: Exclusive, beautiful clothes, couturier?

Answer: It will also go away. No one needs it!

Question: Diamonds?

Answer: No one needs them! They’re useless these pieces of glass.

Question: And this is how it will all fall? To what state?

Answer: Until a person has no taste for all this at all. And he will think: “And what is the value of this life? Is there any value in it? Is there something I should gain, some results to finish it with?” And so on. And then the realization of evil will begin.

Question: Do you think that this is a fall to the end, to the bottom?

Answer: I hope so. According to Kabbalah, this is a descent to the bottom. There may be some more spikes. But I think it will all be over very quickly.

Question: And the bottom, is this the question about the meaning of life?

Answer: Yes, it extinguishes everything else, this question about the meaning of life. What do I care about diamonds, what do I care about houses? We will see these billionaires in the future, what they will do with their billions and everything else.

You can close your eyes and make a pink mist around you, as if you were in the previous life and so on, as it was before, or imagine something else. But in principle, when everything happens on Earth, as it does now, it affects even these billionaires through the air, and they also lose the desire for all sorts of jewelry and a life of luxury.

Even on a separate island with all the conditions, there will be not the same environment, not the same air, the wrong atmosphere—neither airy, nor moral, nor sensual, none. A person will have nothing to be proud of in relation to others: “Look who I am, what I am!”

And others look at him: “What do you have? What?!” “Look, here I have a house!” “So what, you’re going to tear yourself apart into 200 people and live in this house?”

“Here, I’m going somewhere!” And where to rush to? I live within myself, I feel satisfied with myself, nothing is needed! Now marijuana will enter the whole world, the world will be engaged in smoke to calm down, and that’s it. Why is all this necessary?

All this will be done perfectly.

Question: But is this also the period before the fall?

Answer: This is a period to calm down from one through the other and eventually come to a normal worldview.

Question: So what will they find the meaning of life in? What will they understand?

Answer: They will understand that the meaning of life is to experience an upper force, eternal and perfect. When we feel it, we become like it—all.

The upper force is kindness, it is the eternal good that fills the whole world. Eternal! And I have to reach its sensation and lose myself in this eternal good. I don’t disappear, I just become similar to it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/19/20

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