“Work Under the Sun”

282.02The Book of Zohar, VaYetze, Item 15: For this reason, everything that extends from the sun downwards is not by faith and by holiness. It is written, “What profit does man have in all his work, which he does under the sun,” since below this degree, one must not extend and adhere, for then the light will become vanity and striving after wind once more.

“To rise above the sun” means to be in the quality of bestowal, i.e., not to depend on the light that fills your egoistic desires.

Evel, the quality of bestowal, emerges from the mouth of the spiritual Partzuf, from the state called “the mouth of our soul,” from the outward address of the soul. When you rise above the sun, you generate this quality called the light of the sun within yourself.

So do not wait for some miracle to happen.

Question: And what does the phrase: “It is written: What profit does man have in all his work, which he does under the sun” mean?

Answer: There is no benefit.

Comment: Engels said that labor created man himself.

Answer: Man—yes. But this is not the work Engels spoke of. Here we mean work on becoming like the Creator, like the light of the sun that creates a void in us, making us want it to fill us, and at the same time we ourselves would be its source.

The truth is, this work is very simple. It comes down to one single rule: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We must wish to achieve this with all our egoistic qualities and understanding. If we can do this exactly according to the Kabbalistic instructions, then we will truly become eternal, perfect, and beautiful.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #13

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