Balance All The Forces Of Nature

232.06Question: How do negative and positive forces, which are constantly in conflict, manifest themselves in our world at the human level?

Answer: In our world, we almost do not feel good forces. Only in a very limited way between friends, relatives, parents, and children. Or we feel them in the instincts of nature, which imposes good relations on us because otherwise there would be no life and procreation. And at the other levels of nature, we do not see these forces because we do not bring them into our world.

Question: This means that there is a positive and negative force, which are balanced, for example, at an inanimate level, and therefore the Earth, this clot of matter, can exist.

But there was a period when these forces were not in balance, and there was a constant struggle between them. The same is happening with humanity. And as a consequence of this, constant wars are waged where the forces of good and evil are constantly at war with each other. What will happen when they come to balance?

Answer: The forces of good and evil will come to equilibrium only when a person intervenes in their ratio, opposition, and balances all the forces of nature. Then nature will act for the good of all who fill it.

Question: We can say that our desire for the Creator, meaning for the property of bestowal, has not yet fully formed, and as a result wars and conflicts arise?

Answer: Yes. It is the relationship between us that determines all the states of nature at all its levels and our relationship to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/21/21

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