Diamonds That Can’t Be Stolen

547.03Comment: The pandemic has shown that no one needs jewelry. Their market is falling rapidly. Suddenly a person realized that he needed to dress a little, eat, and the diamonds that he wore to show others were not needed. They say that the jewelry market has fallen 10 times and is falling further.

What is in them? Why were they bought for such crazy money? And humanity appreciated them and killed each other because of them. So much blood has been spilled.

My Response: Because it is rare. Diamonds are mined in the ground with great difficulty. Then they are polished and cut. In the end, it costs money.

Question: What is it about them in your understanding?

Answer: Kabbalistically? Absolutely nothing. People just give it a price. For example, he took some piece of paper and gave it a price. And now it’s all worthless.

Comment: In such difficult times, between bread and diamonds, a person chooses bread.

My Response: Of course. He will give everything for bread.

Comment: That is, there is value in bread, but not in diamonds.

My Response: Because the most important thing is life.

Question: Why is this done from above, by a higher power?

Answer: So that people will stop defining values in this world that seem to them to be values.

Question: So we pray to this god? And this is not God at all?

Answer: Of course! Well, what’s in this pebble?

Question: Why are we being directed toward it? So much blood has been shed! Wars started because of it.

Answer: Humanity needs something valuable, precious, so that it can fight for it, speculate, sell, buy, exchange, store, and inherit it. How else? There must be some value in life. I don’t exist, I am dying. What’s next? Where do I contain my value? I have to put it in something.

Question: This is scary, what you say. That is, I put it in this rock?

Answer: And I pass it on to my grandson.

Comment: I give him this value and say: “Live like this. Live like this.”

My Response: And it helps him in everything, because I give him something that is appreciated by all people.

Question: By this I give him strength?

Answer: Of course. And today all this is beginning to undergo a reassessment of values.

Question: And what are we approaching?

Answer: To the fact that there is nothing of value.

Question: Is there nothing valuable in this life?

Answer: Generally! Except for thought! We come back to what we were talking about: except for the thought that you can pass on to your grandson, there is nothing valuable in the world.

Using your thought, he really acquires wealth. What is thought in general? Is it empty? But he really gets something that exists eternally, perfectly, and no one can steal and do anything about it.

This is the most important wealth, the attitude toward life, the attitude toward people. Thought is your inner wealth. This is more precious than any diamond.

In our time, we are coming to a state of radical reassessment of values. That is, what was valuable to me, for which I fought, lived, died, tried to accumulate, pass on to the next generations—all this is losing its value today, is worth nothing.

Question: After all, where are we going now? What will life really cost, money?

Answer: Just a thought.

Question: But doesn’t that seem abstract to you for a person?

Answer: And what does a person have that is not abstract at all, if he lives and dies? This means that the most valuable thing is that he can take from one state, when he lives, to that state when he dies, beyond the brink of death.

Question: Can he take a thought there?

Answer: Of course. This is what remains with him.

Question: What thought needs to be worked out now so that it is valuable and necessary?

Answer: A positive attitude toward the world and toward others. It doesn’t go anywhere. This stays with you constantly because it is not in your egoism, which dies with the body and decays, but is in altruism, in the good qualities that you acquire during your earthly life. And then you fly away with them, enter another space, the space of positive properties and forces.

We exist in order to accumulate such positive emotions, thoughts, desires, motives, and impulses and leave with them. I leave this world, passing, as far as I could, a positive attitude toward the world, toward people, and toward life to my children and grandchildren, and in general to everyone.

Question: Do you think that this is your mission and all of ours?

Answer: Of course. But that’s my opinion.

Question: But is this the opinion of Kabbalists of all generations?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Comment: And what I now see, as everyone writes in the comments: evil, horror, hatred, breakage.

My Response: This pushes us to assess what we really need to identify from our life, collect and transmit, and teach the next generation.

Question: That is, how to push off from this darkness and move toward a good thought?

Answer: Yes. Everything will be fine.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/15/20

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