Managing Stress, Part 4

514.02Targeted Pressure

Question: There are different types of stress. For example, professional stress is associated with conflicts at work. Marital stress arises around problems in the family. Emotional stress can be caused by some kind of intense experience. Physiological stress arises from trauma or illness, and psychological stress from dissatisfaction with oneself or relationships with other people. Information stress is caused by information overload and environmental stress from unfavorable living conditions.

Can a condition cause stress when a person is looking for the meaning of life and does not find it?

Answer: Of course. After all, stress is a feeling of indecision, the inability to connect the desired with the attainable. Any little thing can be stressful. If for example, I open a drawer and don’t find my glasses there, then this already causes me some stress.

Stress is the mismatch between what is desired and what is being realized. Naturally, today’s life consists of only stress.

Question: It turns out that nature has placed us in a reality where there is always pressure on desire. If you imagine yourself as a kind of desire to receive, to be filled, to enjoy, then satisfaction is achieved extremely rarely because desires are constantly growing and it becomes more and more difficult to fill them. Where is this all going?

Answer: To the realization of how we get out of this state, what it depends on, what it leads to.

Question: Can I be in such a state where nothing presses on me or I do not feel this pressure?

Answer: No, such a state gradually passes and is replaced by the feeling that something presses on you in a certain direction, and this pressure has a beginning and an end, it has a meaning, and you must comprehend, reveal this meaning. Only then can you get rid of the pressure.

And then you begin to feel that if this pressure should lead you to a higher state, then you do not need to get rid of it. You just need to understand to where you have to come. And then for you it will already be felt not as pressure, but as an accompaniment in your development.

Question: It turns out that a person begins to feel physiological and psychological pressures as targeted? Moreover, they are not only personal, but global, for example, a financial crisis or a pandemic. Many people do not understand that there is some kind of design in this.

Answer: We are moving toward a state where everyone will find themselves in a huge general crisis, not understanding how we can exist. Moreover, it will be felt not by one person, or one family, or some small society, but the whole world. The coronavirus should lead us to this.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/25/20

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