How Is A Spiritual Ascent Felt?

572.02Question: How is a spiritual ascent felt?

Answer: The feeling of spiritual ascent is a feeling of the unity of creation, a feeling that we all exist in a field of one unique connection, in mutual love, and this field is called the Creator.

Man clearly feels that he is inside the Creator. Almost everyone, without exception, is in this state. We do not get out of it. But there are people who feel it, and there are those from whom it is concealed. The task of each one of us and of everyone together is to fully reveal the Creator, our existence in Him.

Question: How does a person determine that what he feels at a certain moment is the Creator? Who is the Creator at that specific moment?

Answer: The attribute of love and bestowal that begins to shine on a person, passes through him, envelops him, and overcomes him by its good illumination. This is the first encounter with the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/9/18

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