Unique Level Of Annulment

530Question: Let us say I am the minister of health and you are the minister of finance. We need to make a decision in an hour whether to close the country for quarantine or not. It is clear that we will have different opinions. So, should you annul your opinion and I mine?

Answer: No. Neither of us can annul his opinion. It will not do any good. Here we need to create a completely different system of decision-making but definitely not from the cabinets of ministers.

We need to assemble a group that wants to rise above their egoistic opinions. Not to take the side of one or another egoist but to rise above themselves. This is possible only when each of us annuls himself before the others.

The ten (Minyan) is enough for this. If everyone in the ten starts annulling themselves to the others, then we can feel the community, feel what it means that we have annulled ourselves.

This point of annulment will be the starting point of our spiritual development, which is the foundation of the degree of Bina—the degree of new knowledge. We should start with this.

Question: Does it mean that even if we concede to each other and find something in the middle, we will not get anywhere either? Does the solution lie at a different level?

Answer: Yes. Unfortunately, this level is still unclear because it is really special and unique.

Comment: You are talking about feelings that are impossible to grasp.

My Response: In this case, humanity will have to suffer a little more before they close their eyes and accept this from people who already have this feeling.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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