Fake Reality

Dr Michael LaitmanComment: There is technology that creates a fake reality today. We’ve reached a state where technological advancement has made it possible for us to duplicate a person’s voice and make videos where I can put whatever words I want into anyone’s mouth. For example it’s possible to make a video of you, Dr. Laitman, where you’re saying, “I think it’s better that no one studies the wisdom of Kabbalah,” and you’re going to say, “No, it wasn’t me,” but you’ll be able to watch the video and see yourself say it…

My Response: So don’t watch anything.

Question: So that’s my question: where is this all taking us?

Answer: To a point where I don’t believe anything that I see or hear. Nothing. I have just one source, which is the book that I got from my teacher, and the upper force, through which I connect.

Question: So you’re saying that in the future it’s preferable for a person not to believe anyone, I mean to believe…?

Answer: Of course not. Not even to listen or watch.

Question: So how will people communicate?

Answer: They will have to learn how to really communicate correctly. All the senses through which I feel reality are deceitful. We will have to learn how to communicate correctly until we connect “as one man with one heart.”

Question: What do you mean?

Answer: It means that what we have to correct is our hearts.

Question: What is the essence of the correction itself?

Answer: It is that everyone wants the benefit of others.

Question: And what does that say about truth and lies?

Answer: There will be no lies. Will I lie to someone whom I truly love?

Question: So what I understand is that the world is advancing toward a lie over life, or lie…?

Answer: That is how it has been for a long time. I think everyone can agree.

Question: So tomorrow it will be impossible to believe anything that you see, hear, perceive, so I have to build a shelter, go in there, and come out…

Answer: You have to correct yourself and others, to truly be in one heart together with others…

Question: You completely confuse me. Is that truth or false?

Answer: This will be the truth. If everyone thinks the same then that’s the truth.

Question: But how will everyone think the same, we’re different…

Answer: We’ll correct ourselves.

Question: How will we be the same then?

Answer: In our mutual love. This is the upper nature, that all of us are in a good relationship with each other, and then between us we feel the force of good that dwells among all of us, and that’s actually the truth.

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