Penetrating Inside A Ten

942Question: I have a regular great ten, and we prepare for the lesson together and support each other during the day. During the day, however, I create other tens in order to disseminate or do different jobs in the building.

As a result I feel a bit uncomfortable. How should I build the relations with the regular ten and with the collective corporeal life with the others?

Answer: You should be glad and feel comfortable because it is basically the same thing. There aren’t any differences between the tens.

I look at the tens that are in front of me, and I would gladly sit with any of them. Each ten is so wonderful in its uniqueness, and it is absolutely amazing to see how wonderful it is!

I see how they speak, how they communicate between them, how they mutually cooperate, and how connected they are. It is amazing how different they all are, but I would gladly be part of one or another or yet another. It really helps us develop! And it is very good when one person can be part of several tens.

I was in favor of random tens from the start, but at the moment people feel better in regular tens, and I understand them. I think this will soon pass.

When the internal model of a ten will appear in each of us, we will be able to fill it by connecting to more people who are members of our movement. We will not feel the people themselves, but their internal essence, and they will begin to fill the model of the ten that is built in us. This means that ten seemingly empty places will be created inside each one, and will be filled by impressions from one circle or another.

This will provide a person with quicker and fuller attainment of the whole soul. After all, the general soul is not made of one primitive ten, but of many tens, each of which is integrated in another.

By penetrating the spiritual connection in the ten, we will begin to understand what it lacks. We would like to divide it into parts, but this is impossible since we don’t feel that yet. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that all of creation should be composed of a great amount of tens, which means that the Sefirot are divided into many tens, or vice versa, and are connected into many Partzufim, and thus, into one whole ten.

But this whole ten that is attained in the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) comprises an infinite amount of tens. So it is through this ten that you will receive more than from all the other tens, an infinite amount of feelings and emotions.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/5/19

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