The Mediator Between The Souls And The Creator

961.1Question: The process of learning and acquiring integral skills is aimed at changing a person. A student needs to achieve such an approach to learning that he feels as if he were in a laboratory in which he researches himself. How do you take into consideration the individuality of each one? There are thousands of students in front of you, each with his own swiftness of receiving information, his own changes. Who do you focus on during the lectures?

Answer: No one. I am guided by the common field of all the students I see and know and the ones I do not see and do not know, all the souls that must connect to each other and to the Creator. And I am the mediator making this contact between them and the Creator.

Remark: In integral education, a person must first grasp a general picture, then conduct a comprehensive analysis of each detail, and after that link them together. Therefore, you often get angry when you try to explain the big picture and a person starts asking for some details.

My Comment: Yes, it really bothers me. It is a wrong approach to learning.

Question: In learning, there are three stages of mastering the material: knowledge, understanding, and attainment. How long, in your opinion, can it take to transform knowledge into sensory attainment?

Answer: It is hard to estimate. There are no dosage regulations for this.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 24/6/20

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