There Should Be No Schools

273.02“In one window looked two. One saw the rain and mud.
Other—green foliage ligature, spring and the sky is blue.
In one window looked two.” (Omar Khayyám)

Question: Why today do we only see one thing by and large?

Answer: We were educated in this way; this is not our fault. We were educated in this way by kindergartens, schools, universities, and by our attitude to people. The mass media makes such a leveling of everyone that there are absolutely no personalities left in humanity.

We need to look for our personal point of view of the world. This is not easy. We need to find our own thing and not to go with the flow and not be interested in what others are interested in. We see such children here and there who somehow reveal themselves in this way. We need to support them a little, to raise special individuals who have their own view of the world. They are usually different from others, maybe they seem a little strange.

Question: Do you mean such children who have some kind of talent?

Answer: No, they may not even have any talents. They just have their own view of the world. They may sometimes even seem less developed than others. It does not matter.

Question: Do we need to single them out?

Answer: Yes. Each person should be given an opportunity to develop according to his or her features.

Remark: We need to recognize this, it is not a simple task.

My Comment: No, there is no need to recognize this. It is just that in our society everything should be prepared as follows. Let everyone develop as they want. The main thing is not to push. And not that they come, stand in one line, sit down, get up, leave—assessments, slogans.

Remark: Then school is a big problem.

My Comment: School is not a big problem. There should be no schools, that’s all! Schools destroy personality.

A real school is when a person is given an opportunity to develop himself the way he by himself sees fit. This is a very serious, long-term, and gentle approach to everyone. It is not necessary to learn by heart all the writings of the classics and read dozens of all kinds of books. We have to do everything in a very, very unique way.

I would allocate more time, as it is written in the Torah, to the arts: dancing, painting, and music. It is due to the fact that they develop the inner world of a person more, and he feels where he is drawn, how he can express himself.

In addition to this, of course, a little bit of mathematics, a little bit of physics, astronomy is a must. Most of the time, however, should be dedicated to arts, but not formal ones, rather drawing, sketching, anything the child wants. To begin with this and advance more and more. Let the child develop himself in this way.

Question: What will grow out of the child if we live in this way?

Answer: The child will grow.

Question: So, I should not think what’s going to grow out of him? Is this approach wrong?

Answer: No, we do not have the right to churn out people.

Question: Then why did we churn out all of them like that? All this system is about churning out. You and I have been through all this! Does it mean that in fact, we killed something in a person?

Answer: We simply destroyed one’s “I” in the bud, that’s all.

This was what they wanted to do anyway. What should we be for those who rule this world? Just the performers, that is all. It means that we need to perform what they want. As a result, now what they want is all going nowhere, and so are we.

Now begins the formation of real humanity!

Question: “I” will break out from the concrete. Will it work out?

Answer: There is no escape; this is the law of nature.

Question: Then will it really be my “I”?

Answer: Yes. For each and every one.

Question: What is this “I”?

Answer: This will be my personal participation in the common humanity. Everyone will have to take their place. It will be individual, personal, only mine, the only pure one. I will think about how to complete this entire picture, the entire humanity, with myself.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/17/20

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